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W.I.N.E.S Chile is a young company created in 2016 by Roberto and Ignacio Rodriguez, our speciality is sales of good quality wines or boutique wines. The most important objetive for W.I.N.E.S Chile is to offer a perfect quality service to all our customers, either in Chile or the rest of the world.

We are a company who seeks to generate more options of competition for small and medium-sized wine producers, helping them to develop and/or improve their sales channels. W.I.N.E.S Chile is oriented for people, hotels, restaurants or boutiques distributors. Our style incorporates an innovative vision, pioneering and always seeking to experience new sensations. We are true believers that keeping customers satisfied, we can fulfill great objectives.

Finally, our mission is based to provide a perfect experience in online sales, delivering the customer the security that they will feel new sensations every time when they corkage a boutique wine.


Team W.I.N.E.S Chile


Boutique Wines - VINOS DE CHILE
Boutique Wines - VINOS DE CHILE