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Conditions and Guarantees, 

WINES Chile markets and distributes fine wine in icons, Premium, Gran Reserva categories, Reserva and Varietal . 

WINES Chile has a site e-commerce technology, as a sales channel aimed at their customers as individuals and businesses, you only need register, no subscriptions . 

WINES Chile has a range of prices whose products wines and are published by our sales team which is in contact with the vineyards associated and thus guaranteeing an excellent price for our customers. The validity of products, pricing and promotions will be valid until expiry of the period stipulated in the promotions and / or to a change in prices and new products . 

WINES Chile does not establish a minimum amount in pesos . 

WINES Chile sells wines only in boxes of 6 sealed bottles at source by the vineyards and producers, certifying these quality (Valid only in varieties and generic categories). Area promotions WINES Chile will modify the contents of the boxes and / or products to create joint promotional packs guaranteeing quality. 

WINES Chile reports that images used could eventually have some difference with the original product and year of harvest may vary . 

WINES Chile sends its products to customers through its own transport and companies specialized courrier. WINES Chile will charge the shipping cost resulting from the destination address of the customer, according to rates companies courier. Subscribed, with the exception of wines that are part of a promotion which can have free shipping WINES Chile send orders only when payment has been verified cash it. If it is not possible to confirm the payment within 48 hours after purchase, the order will be canceled . 

WINES Chile offers delivery from the next day business within the metropolitan area to orders that have confirmed your payment before 12:00 hrs. and sub-delivery next business within the metropolitan region to confirm their payment orders within the day in the afternoon. * Subject to change depending on availability maximum delivery time 48 hrs. 

Business WINES Chile offers its customers various payment methods such as wire transfer and payment by credit / debit card through Webpay TransBank (Visa MasterCard, Diners Club and Redcompra) . 

WINES Chile publishes on its website the vines with which it works to allow customers to view reference information on the vineyards . as well as a link to your website. 

WINES Chile sells wines from vineyards he works with the portal only to registered customers over 18 years validated through number of RUT Solving customer complaints. We managed to resolve most cases within 48hrs, business. 

For situations involving third parties such as vineyards, services external Currier, financial institutions payment methods online or other, these deadlines may be extended due to protocols established by them. Greetings, TEAM WINES Chile

Boutique Wines - VINOS DE CHILE
Boutique Wines - VINOS DE CHILE